Farrell's Cleaning Service, PCB FL


 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath  90$

1 Bedroom /  2 Bath 95$

2 Bedroom /  2 Bath 100$

 3 Bedroom / 2 or 3 Bath        125$

4 Bedroom / 3 or 4 Bath 150$ 

5 Bedroom / 3or 4 Bath  200$

Cleaning rate's depend on the number of bedrooms/bathrooms in the unit. You will find that our rates are the best around. 


Vacations houses

 2 Bedroom /  2 Bath 150$

3 Bedroom / 2 or 3 Bath         250$

4 Bedroom / 3 or 4 Bath 300$ 

5 Bedroom / 3 or 4 Bath  350$


Linen service is included in the cleaning fee.   

Maintenance fee of 35$ a month covers any issues that may arise. 


Deep Cleans


We consider a Deep Clean to be just that! When we Deep Clean a unit, we clean it from top to bottom, every inch! We move appliances and clean behind and under neath them. We wipe down walls and base boards. We clean and reorganize kitchen cabinets, and drawers. We have the equipment to shampoo rugs.. We take our time doing it. The average time spent on a deep clean is 6 1/2 hrs, longer if really needed. 

 We charge twice the regular cleaning fee for a deep clean. 


  • "I recently arrived for business, and made a surprise visit to my unit. I had rented to a few spring breakers,and I was expecting to find things in disarray. To my delight my uni..."
    L. Patterson
    CEO StrongArms Productions
  • "NEVER had a guest complain about my units being dirty! Farrell Cleaning service has been top notch."
    D West
    Condo Owner
  • "Farrell's Cleaning has the lowest cleaning fee's In Panama City Beach FL. They do a wonderful job keeping my rentals sparkling clean!"
    Satisfied Customer