Farrell's Cleaning Service, PCB FL

About Farrell's Cleaning Service


 Farrell's Cleaning service is a family owned and operated, full service cleaning, and property maintenance company. We have been in business since January 2011. We specialize in cleaning and maintaining vacation properties. However, we also offer residential and commercial cleanings. 


Joe Farrell - Owner/Operator

Joe is originally from Philadelphia PA, and worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for 10 years. Joe is also a certified IT technician. 

Theresa Savant-CFO 

Theresa is originally from Alexandria LA and used to vacation here in PCB as a child. She always hated having to leave PCB when vacation was over, and swore that she would one day live and work here. Theresa is a few credits away from earning her bachelor's degree in Business  Accounting from the University of Phoenix.


 The Extra mile.

Here at Farrell's cleaning it is a standing order, that our employees must go the extra mile, each and every time we service your unit. We want your guests to feel welcome, and come back time and time again. All of our cleaners are background screened trained to provide outstanding service. 

Farrell's cleaning never closes. We are available to the guests 24 hours a day 7 days a week to take care of anything that may be a interference to their vacation. 







  • "I recently arrived for business, and made a surprise visit to my unit. I had rented to a few spring breakers,and I was expecting to find things in disarray. To my delight my uni..."
    L. Patterson
    CEO StrongArms Productions
  • "NEVER had a guest complain about my units being dirty! Farrell Cleaning service has been top notch."
    D West
    Condo Owner
  • "Farrell's Cleaning has the lowest cleaning fee's In Panama City Beach FL. They do a wonderful job keeping my rentals sparkling clean!"
    Satisfied Customer